all the cool girls are wearing them... Walt's Wardrobe

Walt's Wardrobe | classic tees

I am sure you have seen them around the parks and making their way on Instagram! It seems like every cool girl is rocking WW's classic 90's vibe MK tee. I have always wanted to be a cool girl hehe! So I had to have one!
Uber cute and looks ultra chic with a trusty pair of denim or rock your dots and wrap a flannel around your waist for a bold street style look.

I love a good classic tee and denim look and Walt's Wardrobe knows what they are doing when they create a new design. I love how they all have a certain vintage vibe. 

One of my favorite tees is one of their newest, their cheers to adventure tee (click on image to shop):
Another fav is the big thunder mountain tee (click on image to shop):
You really can't go wrong! What are some of your favorite tees from Walt's Wardrobe? Send us your pics or tag us on Insta @dressedindisney or #dressedindisney!

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