Moana in Waikiki with Lesportsac

Outfit Details: Duffle and Backpack (Lesportsac), Shorts (One Love One Tribe), Jacket (Under Armour), hat (Billabong)

Moana in Waikiki with Lesportsac

I can't travel anywhere without my Lesportsac. I always have a Lesportsac backpack and duffle with me no matter what. They are perfect for quick weekend trips or 2 week getaways in far off places.

When I was getting ready for my honeymoon, I was so excited to bring a bit of Disney with me with my Moana collection.  I hiked and surfed and snorkeled my way through Maui and Oahu and had all my essentials with me. The mini backpack is perfect for carrying everything you need without being too big and bulky. 

The Moana collection is exclusively available in Hawaii at Aulani or at Lesportsac on both Maui and Oahu. 

Do you have any pieces from the collection? What are your favorites?


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