Alice in Wonderland with Disney Couture

Outfit Details: jewelry (Disney Couture), sweater dress (Forever 21), ears (Disneyland Tokyo), bag (Disney Store)

Alice in Wonderland

 I fell in love with Disney Couture jewelry when I first found them almost 10 years ago! They make the most interesting and affordable jewelry I have ever seen and of course I love that they are all inspired by Disney. 

The first piece I ever bought was the Tinker Bell Pine Cone pendant. It is one of my most sacred pieces of jewelry I own. It just means so much to me. It opens up and has a little sprout of a tree growing and says "All it takes is faith and trust, and a little pixie dust." I wear to this day believing in the magic that Tink and Peter Pan taught me as a child. 

Years later and I am still in love with each piece that Disney Couture creates. My recent favorite collection has been the Alice collection. I just love the curious spunky nature that the pieces evoke. Bringing to life Alice's whimsical take on the world around her. 

Do you have any pieces from DC? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!

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