Disney DIY Mickey Flip Flop

Any chance I get to throw a little Disney into my life... I take it :)

So I decided I needed to start sharing some of my favorite diys, that help me bring a little Mickey into my every day look!
I love a subtle Mickey crystal on just about everything, and since it is summer, I thought why not try a DIY Mickey Flip Flop!

All you will need:

1. a pair of flip flops in any color

2. e6000 glue

3. two different size flat back crystals in the color of your choice

(I got mine at Michaels, they have a variety pack, tons for only $9.99 so you can end up making quite a few things with this pack, I also had a 40% off one item coupon, so right around $6, SCORE!)

 The steps are pretty easy!

Step one

Lay out your materials 

(now I was working on a few projects here but sharing for product info)

Step two

Select 1 larger flat back crystal and 2 medium size flat back crystals

Step three

Decide on placement 

( I loved the idea of a front and center Mickey, but you could always have Mickey hanging out on either side or multiple Mickeys!)

Step four
Apply a small dab of e6000 glue on the back of the large crystal and place at center of the flip flop strap slightly lower then the center. 
Step five
Follow by applying a small dab of e6000 glue to your medium crystals and arrange your crystals in the shape of Mickey by placing the two smaller ears at about 2 and 10 of the larger center crystal. And voile! You have a cute handmade pair of Mickey Flip Flops!
Allow the glue to dry for 48 hours before wearing.
Share your diys!
We would love to see them!

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